Independent Kitchen Retailer vs National Brand: Which One Is Right For You?

A new kitchen is a big decision and a big investment, so it’s important to give all the elements proper consideration before you take the plunge.

For many people researching a new kitchen, the first question is whether to go with a big national brand like Wren or B&Q, or to go for an independent kitchen retailer (like BCK Interiors!).

It’s very easy to be swayed by the seemingly neverending sales and price promises of the bigger brands. Before you make your decision though, take a few minutes to read the below benefits we feel you’d enjoy by choosing independent:

1. Bespoke Kitchens that Fit Seamlessly

One of the main advantages of choosing an independent kitchen retailer is that your kitchen will be made bespoke for your room. This means that everything will fit seamlessly and look better, compared to chain store kitchens which are essentially flat pack and manufactured in bulk.

2. Quality that Lasts Longer

When it comes to quality, you get what you pay for. An independent kitchen retailer can offer a higher quality kitchen that will last longer, giving you better value for your money in the long run.

3. No Hidden Extras

On the subject of money. When you get a quote from BCK, that’s a genuine price that will cover the furniture, the appliances, the worktop, and any bespoke extras agreed at the consultation stage. We’ll also be open and honest about how much any other requests will be. We won’t lure you in with an attractive low price, only to sneak in extras when it’s too late to back out.

4. Better Design Capability

Independent retailers often have kitchen designers who are better trained, better paid and more talented than those at chain stores. The same goes for their fitters, who are passionate about the products they fit and know them well.

charcoal and wood kitchen

5. Personalised Service

With an independent kitchen retailer, you’ll get a one-to-one service with a dedicated designer who will get to know you and your needs for your kitchen. They’ll be able to offer fittings and fixtures that work around your family and lifestyle, resulting in a kitchen that is designed specifically for you.

6. Better Looking Ergonomic Designs

Independent kitchen retailers usually spend more time and effort on designs, resulting in a better looking and functioning kitchen. The designer will have much more knowledge on what can and can’t be done with furniture, so you’ll end up with something that’s exactly what you want.

sleek luxe contemporary kitchen

7. End-to-end project management

With an independent (and certainly with BCK) you’ll enjoy having open communication with our team from concept, through to installation and beyond. In addition, we understand that sometimes, completing a project often goes beyond a simple kitchen refit. We’re here to advise on and help implement wider renovation works when necessary, and won’t just pass the buck.

While the big brands might seem like a more convenient option, and it’s easy to be seduced by the deals, it’s often a false economy. Choosing an independent kitchen retailer can offer better quality, design, service and value for your money, and will invariably last longer too.

If we’ve whet your appetite for considering an independent, why not check out our luxury kitchen projects for a taste of the work we do?